I spend alot of time on the coast of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There are a few of us who are fortunate enough to say that we've inhabited the beautiful strip of sand for a few hot summer months. These are the few precious moments when the harshness of the collision of land and water reach a perfect balance. The wind roaring off of the sea's surface apologizes for what the sun bakes. And when the air is still, the waves continue the plea for vindication. On this cusp of two worlds I began to gather the bits of detritus that man and sea and land have discarded. From branches, boards, roots, and tires new life is born. No new waste is introduced to the environment. The only thing I take to the site is a shovel and knife. (Finding rope and fishing line is gold) Eventually the pieces seperate and continue their purgatorian existence.
“The artist is only a vehicle for what already has been.
Nothing can really be given presence unless it already exists potentially.” 
― Louis I. Kahn
the requisite minimalist piece "Zebra takes a Dip"
I've recently begun to work on these away from the coast. 
Potomac River
Washington, DC
near the Lincoln Memorial
Some have ended up in the desert.
death valley, CA
Some have even earned a spot on the set of the movie "As You Like It"
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