Watercolors for CSArts
"CSArts is a new initiative brought to you by Larkin Arts & Old Furnace Artist Residency. Together, we are focused on creating a Community Supported Arts program. This program translates the traditional food CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) into the arts so that the fine people of the Valley can start or expand their art collections while supporting local artists. As with food CSAs, we plan to sell shares to local individuals who will in turn receive a new piece of art each month between April – November"
Find out more about CSArts at LarkinArts.com
Gathered below is the bushel of art that I provided for the month of August.
Larkin Arts, Court Square
The Bridge Behind The Nile
The Dodger, Court Square
Good Bye Hess 
Alley Lamps, Seller's Alley
Watching Over the Water Street Deck
McHone Block, Court Square
Turner Pavillion
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