Downtown Harrisonburg Illustration
Kafetecture - the world of coffee houses
The Dawn Drapes "Lets Be Strangers"
Road Trip
Beyond: Weekly Specials Poster
Midtowne Market & Bottle Shop Gift Certificates
Ready the Sail
Larkin Arts Summer Art Program
Elephant Child Tee Shirt
She's Not Going Down and the Apostasy Fleet
Ships & Shipwrecks
Cruise Ship
Dawn Drapes Tee Shirt
Dawn Drapes She Album Cover Art & Design
Album Art & Design - Derek Evry/Down to the Wire
Harrisonburg City Washes
Music/Word/Event Section Pages for Worst Week Ever
Visual Guide to the 2015 Harrisonburg Budget
Larkin Arts Graphic Design Intern
Graphic Design for Larkin Arts
Lost Bearings
Digital Sketchbook
Harnessing a Whale
Logo Collaboration with DJ FAYO
The Captains Journey
Two Alpacas Illustration
Driftwood Sculptures
Dear R.B. The Chicken Always Sees
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